Mastering Light: Quick Lighting Set Ups on Any Budget – Jem Schofield of theC47 DETAILS

When you show up at a location with little or no crew and you have little to no time (always!), how do you light great looking interviews & footage for documentary and corporate based projects? What lighting equipment should you bring and what choices should you make?

And, how do you do that consistently?

In this double session, taught by producer, DP and educator Jem Schofield of theC47, Jem will show you the equipment and time tested tips and techniques to get these results quickly and easily. He will discuss and demonstrate certain “rules” or “agreements” that can be followed to help you consistently light and shoot quickly and effectively in a cinematic style.

Topics covered will include…

Lighting and Shooting Great Looking Interviews

Shaping & Controlling Light (Bounce, Block, Diffuse)

Understanding & Using Negative Fill

Audience: Producers, Directors of Photography, Camera Operators, Filmmakers and anyone that wants to understand how to light and shoot effectively.