Radio is not just for audio anymore!
Stations and networks are expanding their visual palettes dramatically. They know that strong visual content makes a powerful impact not only on a viewer but on a listener. Is your radio operation delivering? Attend a one-day symposium (including lunch!) in Washington, D.C., to explore this exciting new arena.
Video is no longer a novelty for a growing number of radio broadcast operations. These professionals use streaming and social media video tools to diversify their platforms and create new touch points with consumers. How are they doing it and what can we learn from their experiences? What kind of tools are needed to help a radio station bring live or automated video to their audiences? Are employers in radio now looking for video skills as a standard part of the hiring process? What else should prospective radio video creators know?
Hear from industry leaders in both radio and video to find out what’s happening at the cutting edge of this convergence. The Radio World Visual Radio Symposium takes place at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in the nation’s capital on Wednesday, Nov. 29, from 11:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Admission and lunch are only $25. And while attending, be sure to visit the co-located Government Video Expo, the Mid-Atlantic Region’s Premier Event designed for video, broadcast and AV professionals, free to register and attend.



Panel Highlights


How to Build a Video Chain for Your Radio Operation
What hardware do you need? How much should you spend? Should you buy a turnkey video system? Should you build a set? What will you need to know about automated camera switching, mic levels, lighting, music video playout, graphics, streaming, social media integration? What makes content “video friendly”?


Remote Video Production for Radio
Audiences not only want to hear what’s going on, they want to see it; and radio stations are going out to get it with increasingly professional tools that play up the local strength of radio through video of their talent and listeners. What methods are radio organizations using to explore this brave new world?


Tips for Radio Stations Using Facebook Live, YouTube, Instagram…
Find out what experts recommend to get the most out of Facebook Live and other social media platforms that use video components.